Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat – romantic, charming beauty in the heart of the city 1

Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat – romantic, charming beauty in the heart of the city

Ho Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat is a picturesque oasis, radiating romantic and captivating beauty nestled within the heart of the city.

Dalat has long been a cherished haven for travelers, celebrated for its lively blossoms, majestic mountain vistas, and distinctive architectural marvels. Adding to its allure are the serene and dreamlike lakes that grace the city, elevating its romantic ambiance.

Among these, Xuan Huong Lake is hailed as one of Vietnam’s most enchanting. The lake enchants with its romantic vistas, enveloped by verdant pine forests and a park adorned with a kaleidoscope of flowers and foliage. Renowned as a muse for poets and writers, this lake beckons exploration with Traveloka.

Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat
Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat
  • Overview of Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat

Serving as the heart of Dalat, Xuan Huong Lake exudes a tranquility and romantic charm that is unparalleled. Visitors find themselves immersed in the expansive, rejuvenating landscape, embracing the serene beauty offered by the lake.

Historically, the lake traces its origins to the Cam Ly waterfall, forming a stream that was once a hub for events and festivals of the Lach people. In 1919, the visionary Cunhac proposed damming the stream to create a reservoir.

Executing this plan, the stretch of road from Thuy Ta restaurant to intersections with streets like Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Bui Thi Xuan, Nguyen Thai Hoc, and Dinh Tien Hoang resulted in the formation of a grand lake, named Grand Lac. In 1953, it officially became Xuan Huong Lake and attained National Landscape status in 1988.

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  • Meaning of the name Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat

When venturing to Xuan Huong Lake for leisure and sightseeing, many tourists ponder the significance behind its name. In reality, the lake’s name has two compelling explanations:

The first hypothesis suggests the lake is named after a renowned poet. In the 19th century, Ho Xuan Huong, the queen of Nôm poetry, gained prominence. This theory posits that the lake was named in her honor, acknowledging her significant contributions, particularly in praising the romantic facets of her poetry.

The second hypothesis proposes that the lake is named after the unique fragrance of the surrounding vegetation during spring. The distinctive scent, combined with the beauty of wildflowers and the melodious chirping of birds, crafts an exceedingly poetic and romantic scene—considered a quintessential beauty of Dalat, thus inspiring the lake’s name.

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  • The Breathtaking Scenery of Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat

For an extended period, Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat has stood as a must-visit destination for those exploring the city. Each season and time of year unveils a distinct landscape at Xuan Huong Lake.

During spring, visitors are treated to the vivid pink blossoms of cherry trees, against a backdrop of an expansive azure sky, accompanied by the refreshing coolness of early spring. Together, these elements create an incredibly romantic and poetic ambiance.

As the sun descends, casting its warm glow over the lake, Xuan Huong Lake transforms into a realm adorned with a mystical cloak of radiant evening light, evoking a dreamy and serene sensation. Visitors can’t help but feel transported into a lively and colorful masterpiece crafted by nature.

  • What to Experience at Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat?

Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat beckons not only with its natural and romantic beauty, a gift from nature, but also with an array of engaging activities. Here are some experiences to savor when exploring this captivating lake.

– Paddle Boating:

Embrace the classic yet delightful activity of paddle boating when at Xuan Huong Lake. Head to the boat dock at the intersection of Tran Quoc Toan Street and Dinh Tien Hoang Street to rent a paddle boat. Whether you choose to leisurely paddle yourself or enjoy a guided tour, immerse in the breathtaking scenery of the lake and its surroundings.

– Horseback Riding Around the Lake:

For those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia and adventure, horseback riding around the lake is a fascinating option. Rent horses at the boat dock and embark on a scenic journey to the city’s flower garden. This unique experience allows you to encircle Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat, soaking in its impressive beauty, reminiscent of a bygone era when horses were a common mode of transportation.

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– Admire the Lake’s Beauty:

Indulge in the simple pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or a snack in the evening while marveling at Xuan Huong Lake. With Dalat’s cool atmosphere, relish a cup of coffee or hot milk, letting yourself be immersed in the dreamy and serene beauty that defines this locale.

– Organize a Small Picnic:

On beautiful days, especially during the summer, organize a small picnic at Xuan Huong Lake with family and friends. With a few simple dishes, create meaningful moments in this beautiful space. Opt for attractive outfits to capture impressive photos with Xuan Huong Lake as a backdrop, creating lasting memories for your journey.

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  • Hotels Near Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat:

Making the most of your visit to Xuan Huong Lake is easier with a quality hotel nearby. Here are some hotel recommendations:

  1. Kings Hotel:
    • Address: 10 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Dalat
    • Starting Price: 748,250 VND/night
    • A hotel at the foot of Golf Valley, Kings Hotel boasts a light and luxurious design. With well-equipped rooms, most offering a window view of Xuan Huong Lake, guests can appreciate its serene beauty from the comfort of their rooms.
  2. Marguerite Hotel:
    • Address: 30-32 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 1, Dalat
    • Starting Price: 522,893 VND/night
    • A 4-star hotel with classic beauty and well-decorated rooms, Marguerite Hotel is conveniently located about 300m from Xuan Huong Lake. It offers a nostalgic and luxurious atmosphere.

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  1. Rum Vang Hotel:
    • Address: 38 Phan Boi Chau, Ward 1, Dalat
    • Starting Price: 665,310 VND/night
    • Despite being a 1-star hotel, Rum Vang Hotel near Xuan Huong Lake is favored by budget-conscious travelers for its modern and luxurious rooms.
  2. Pho Nui Hotel:
    • Address: 44 – 46 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 1, Dalat
    • Starting Price: 705,882 VND/night
    • Pho Nui Hotel, a budget-friendly 3-star hotel, seamlessly blends modernity with classic Western architecture, providing a convenient base for exploring Dalat.

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In conclusion, Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat stands as a captivating destination, not only for its natural allure but also for the diverse and enjoyable activities it offers. Whether indulging in the timeless joy of paddle boating, experiencing the nostalgia of horseback riding, or simply relishing the tranquil beauty of the lake, visitors find themselves immersed in a truly enchanting environment.

Moreover, the vicinity around Xuan Huong Lake boasts a selection of hotels, each offering a unique blend of comfort and style. From the classic elegance of Kings Hotel to the nostalgic charm of Marguerite Hotel, and the budget-friendly yet modern accommodations of Rum Vang Hotel and Pho Nui Hotel, these lodging options enhance the overall experience for travelers.

Whether you choose to paddle across the serene waters, explore the lakeside on horseback, or simply unwind with a lakeside picnic, Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat provides a picturesque setting for memorable moments.

With its timeless charm and the convenience of nearby quality accommodations, a visit to Xuan Huong Lake promises a delightful escape into nature’s embrace, leaving visitors with cherished memories of Dalat’s serene beauty

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