Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop, a very chill cloud hunting paradise 2024

Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop, a very chill cloud hunting paradise



Da Lat, renowned for its enchanting landscapes, hosts the exceptional Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop, a standout destination to embrace this allure. Positioned atop a hill, the café offers a mesmerizing panorama of the mountainous terrain and the ethereal sea of drifting clouds, creating an idyllic setting for witnessing both sunrise and sunset.

Beyond its breathtaking views, Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop introduces a unique ambiance and atmosphere. Adorned with vintage aesthetics, wooden furnishings, and lush greenery, the café ensures an unparalleled experience.

Furthermore, during weekends, patrons can lose themselves in the soothing melodies of acoustic music on the intimate stage, providing a respite from life’s worries. Allow villadalat to guide you swiftly through the enchanting journey of this establishment.

Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop
Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop

1. Embark on a Virtual Oasis, Chasing Dalat’s Mesmerizing Clouds

Address: 89 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 10, Dalat

Operating Hours: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Contact: 0925.903.634

Price Range: 40,000 VND – 70,000 VND


Distance from City Center: 4.4 km

Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop – The Cloud-Chasing Sanctuary

1.1 A Chill-Inducing Cloudscape Check-in

Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop beckons with a spellbinding panorama of rolling hills and a sky adorned with exquisite white clouds. Perched atop a Dalat hill, this café offers a front-row seat to the surrounding natural beauty. On clear days, the distant city of Dalat unveils itself.

The allure of Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop in Dalat peaks during sunrise and sunset. Opening early amidst Dalat’s cool morning dew, it sets the stage for witnessing the most splendid sunrise scenes.

Here, immerse yourself in the picturesque spectacle of the sun rising over mountain peaks, filtering through tall pine trees. Savor a cup of coffee, witness the sun behind the pine forest, and inhale the invigorating mountain air.

Capture 13

1.2 Embrace the Rustic and Poetic Ambiance

Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop exudes a classical charm, crafting a natural, unassuming, and delightful atmosphere. The café offers indoor and outdoor seating, allowing patrons to choose their preferred spot.

The wooden interior forms a simple yet dreamy wooden house adorned with vintage paintings and old photographs, contributing to the coffee shop’s cozy ambiance.

Visitors often favor the outdoor area, characterized by a refreshing ambiance and lush greenery. A beautiful garden, complete with romantic daisies and a breathtaking panoramic view, creates a picturesque setting.

1.3 Immerse Yourself in the Fresh and Green Atmosphere

Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop boasts a spacious garden with lush greenery, creating a clean and fresh environment. Surrounded by mountains, cool breezes from the vast plateau waft through the shop.

Every nook in the café’s compound is meticulously cared for, with colorful flower pots adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop is a tranquil place, where profound peace is palpable.

Capture 14

1.4 Relax with Acoustic Melodies

On Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop hosts a laid-back acoustic session with performances by renowned guest singers. The ticket price for the acoustic music night is 120,000 VND per person, inclusive of a complimentary drink.

As night descends and the city lights up, Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop resonates with sweet and gentle melodies. Enjoying music with a cup of hot coffee in hand, leaving behind life’s worries, and immersing yourself in the musical atmosphere amid Dalat’s cool and serene weather is truly wonderful.

Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop’s music nights create romantic and uniquely serene moments that defy description.

2. Culinary Journey at Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop

The menu at Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop is diverse, featuring a plethora of beverages and light snacks. The on-site freshly roasted and prepared coffee boasts a distinctive, aromatic, and enticing flavor. Coffee enthusiasts will undoubtedly find a favorite among the offerings at Binh Minh Oi.

In addition to coffee, the shop serves various beverages such as tea, smoothies, and fresh juices. The menu also includes a selection of light snacks, including pastries and sandwiches.

Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can visit the shop at any time, savor a delicious cup of coffee, and fuel up for your Dalat journey with specialties such as “bánh ướt lòng gà” (steamed rice rolls with chicken heart) and “bánh căn tôm thịt” (mini pancakes with shrimp and pork).

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3. Navigating to Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop

Located on Hoang Hoa Tham Street, approximately 3 km from the city center (a 10-minute drive), Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop is easily accessible. Travel options include car or motorcycle. recommends the following route:

  • From the city center, head towards Ho Tung Mau – Tran Hung Dao.
  • At the end of Tran Hung Dao Street, turn into Hung Vuong Street.
  • Proceed along Hung Vuong Street for about 500m, then turn right onto Hoang Hoa Tham Street.
  • On Hoang Hoa Tham Street, locate house number 89 to find Binh Minh Oi Coffee Shop.

Capture 16

Villadalat has guided you to explore one of Dalat’s most beautiful cafes, a place to relax and appreciate the beauty of Dalat. Your travel guide now includes another fantastic destination for your journey to the city of a thousand flowers. Wishing you delightful moments!




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