20 most beautiful tourist attractions in Da Lat

Tourist attractions in Da Lat

Being hailed as the enchanting city, Da Lat stands out as an optimal destination, drawing both domestic and international tourists. Undoubtedly, there is no parallel to Da Lat’s unique charm. While other locales may be subject to seasonal allure, Da Lat remains an all-year-round exploration haven. It would be truly splendid to delve into the captivating tourist attractions in Da Lat listed below.

Fresh Garden Tourist Area – tourist attractions in Da Lat

Contact Information:

  • Address: 90B Van Thanh, Ward 5, Da Lat City.
  • Website: https://freshdalat.vn/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freshgardendl/
  • Opening hours: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Reference price: 120,000 VND/adult ticket

Fresh Garden Tourist Area - tourist attractions in Da Lat


Each visit to Fresh Garden unfolds a kaleidoscope of colors and distinctive beauty during different flower seasons. The allure is consistent, offering visitors the opportunity to capture the most picturesque moments.

Embark on a journey through the dreamlike realm of DAHLIA flowers, exhibiting their vibrant hues from December to March. Alongside dahlias, Apricot Blossoms grace the lake’s surface, casting a spell on the hearts of visitors.

As the seasons transition to summer, from April to August, the lavender season takes center stage. The valley is blanketed in purple, harmonizing with the delicate fragrance of various flowers, elevating Fresh Garden to new levels of romance and dreaminess.


Fresh Garden Tourist Area - tourist attractions in Da Lat 2


A must-not-miss flower season occurs during the winter months, from September to mid-December – the CHINA ASTER season. The allure of China asters captivates travelers with its inherent gentleness and beauty.

Step into Fresh Garden Dalat, immerse yourself in nature, and the myriad colors of flowers will undoubtedly “refresh” your body and spirit, providing a delightful experience!

Have you had the opportunity to witness all three flower seasons at Fresh Garden Dalat?


Capture 22


Golden Valley Tourist Area – Dalat

  • Address: Ankroaet Street, Lat Commune, Lac Duong, Lam Dong
  • Website: thunglungvang.vn
  • Email: info@thunglungvang.vn
  • Booking Hotline: 02632.210.320
  • Visiting Hours: 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM daily
  • Camping overnight available
  • Ticket Prices:
    • Free visit: Adults 70,000 VND – Children: 30,000 VND (under 1.2m)
    • Electric car: Adults (height 1.2m and above) 40,000 VND/person;
    • Camping overnight: 120,000 VND/adult


Capture 24


Heavenly Fairyland – Golden Valley

Nestled in the embrace of Dankia Lake – Suoi Vang, the widest source reservoir in Dalat, Golden Valley boasts iconic landmarks like LangBian Mountain, Lonely Pine Tree, Pink Grass Hill, and Ankroet Dam – the first hydroelectric dam in Indochina.

At dawn, as the sun casts its glow on the lake, creating a radiant yellow reflection, Golden Valley appears as a giant gold bar in the valley, earning its name from French explorers. Affectionately dubbed “the fairyland” by many tourists, it enchants with its picturesque landscape, vast and pure space, and the preservation of pristine pine forests, reminiscent of ancient Dalat.

Situated just 12 km west of Xuan Huong Lake, with easy transportation, a 15-minute drive immerses visitors in a cool, fresh, and tranquil natural environment. Here, a multitude of flowers bloom, lush green grass competes for attention beneath the beautiful pine forest, accompanied by the soothing sounds of singing birds, rustling winds, and the babbling Four Holy Waterfalls, creating a tapestry of sensory delights.


Capture 25


A visit to Golden Valley offers more than picnicking and camping; it includes rowing boats, pedal duck boats, exploring rare millions-of-years-old fossils of “flat leaf bifacial” pine wood, strolling through bonsai pine gardens, and admiring a collection of over 1,000 species of ancient orchids. Cultural exchanges with the local K’Ho people, traditional games, joyful dances, and savoring unique grilled dishes with hot bamboo tube rice wine enhance the extraordinary experience that visitors will forever cherish.

DaLat Fairytale Land – Fairy Village & Vinh Tien Wine Cellar

  • Address: 81D Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City.
  • Contact Numbers: 0941.204.222 / 0857.204.222 (Hotline + Zalo)
  • Website
  • Facebook Pages: DaLatFairytaleLand.LangCoTich, HamruouVinhTien
  • Opening Hours: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Reference Price: 70,000 VND/adult.

Capture 26


DaLat Fairytale Land – Fairy Village & Vinh Tien Wine Cellar

Situated in the heart of Da Lat city, DaLat Fairytale Land has swiftly become a trending virtual paradise. Despite its recent establishment, this destination has successfully captivated the interest of numerous tourists and locals alike in the dreamy city of Da Lat. It not only boasts unique architecture but also weaves fascinating and enchanting stories.

Concealed within pine forests, the mountains of Da Lat cradle a friendly dwarf village, creating a fairytale land that astonishes all who venture here. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by fresh, cool air and an enchanting, mystical scenery, sparking curiosity and a desire to explore the mysterious beauty of this place.


Capture 27

The village, resembling a maze, unfolds with many captivating discoveries. Colorful flowers dot the garden, surrounding small houses with intricate and beautiful architecture representing the dwarf tribe. The Legendary Road, Firefly Cave, Giant Multicolored Piano Tree, Wish Lake, Love Staircase, Flower Street, Flower Maze, Koi Fish Lake, Eagle Hill, and 3D wall paintings—all are meticulously simulated as in fairy tales. Stepping into this realm feels like entering the land of Disney Land.

Moreover, visitors can delve into the wine production process at Vinh Tien Wine Cellar. This 100-meter-long tunnel showcases over 10,000 bottles of wine, providing insights into the local wine-making process. Guests can taste various types of wine—Red Wine, White Wine, Sweet Wine, Grappa, Cordyceps Wine—and capture moments in the luxurious tunnel.

Isn’t it fantastic? Don’t hesitate any longer; visit this place to experience, explore, listen, and learn many things from here.


Dalat Golf Café

  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Address: 14 Dong Da, Ward 3, Da Lat City.
  • Hotline: 02633 503535

Discovering the essence of Da Lat right before your eyes doesn’t require venturing far. Whether you choose to visit Dalat Golf at any time, you can comfortably immerse yourself in the misty morning, the warm golden sunset, a sunny day, or a rainy evening.


Capture 28


Dalat Golf Café, with its modern glass design and breathtaking 360-degree view, stands out as one of the premier high-altitude cafes in Da Lat. Despite its simplicity, Dalat Golf exudes an elegant atmosphere, offering a diverse and rich menu, a team of professional and enthusiastic staff, and ample comfortable parking space, making it a distinctive attraction in Da Lat.


Capture 29


Lỡ Đà Lạt Café – Riverside Chill Space

  • Address: 18 Truc Lam Yen Tu, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong
  • Google Maps: Lỡ Cafe Da Lat
  • Phone: 0916 637 663
  • Opening Hours: 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Lỡ Đà Lạt Café, a recently opened hotspot in Da Lat, buzzes with activity. Offering a green space with a strong mountainous character, it serves as a truly peaceful retreat. Surrounded by ancient pine forests, expansive lush green grass, and a meandering stream, it provides an idyllic setting to enjoy a cup of tea by the stream, absorbing the tranquility in the fresh, cool air of nature. In the evening, Lỡ Đà Lạt Café transforms into an excellent space for an outdoor BBQ party, where you can create unforgettable memories with friends under sparkling lights. The secluded mountainous setting allows you to revel in music without disturbing others, and you can even book a cozy tent to spend the night after a hearty meal.

Amazing Coffee Da Lat

  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Address: 02 Dong Da – Ward 3 – Da Lat
  • Hotline: 02633 50 35 35


Capture 30


In the chilly weather of Da Lat, sitting by the dreamy window and gazing at the city view from above—day or night—captures the hearts of visitors. Located at the entrance to the city with a priceless view of the interprovincial bus station of Da Lat, Amazing Coffee Da Lat offers a space decorated in a simple yet warm and cozy manner. Watching the clouds, the sky, and the panoramic view of Da Lat while chatting about stories is sure to lift your spirits. A modern ambiance blended with a natural romantic vibe makes Amazing Coffee a perfect chill-out spot for relaxation.


Capture 31


Lam Vien Square

  • Located on: Tran Quoc Toan Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.

Lam Vien Square, resembling the “giant wild daisy of Da Lat,” is a unique addition that has transformed the city’s landscape. Built since early 2016, Lam Vien Square quickly became a magnet for both domestic and international tourists, as well as a popular virtual living point for the youth.

Spread across an area of 72,000m2, Lam Vien Square offers a spacious setting with numerous entertainment activities that appeal to tourists. The standout feature is a giant daisy, slightly inclined and adorned with colorful glass, making it a popular check-in spot for young people and couples. Delving into the giant flower, visitors find themselves overwhelmed by beautiful cafes and well-decorated bars, serving as a delightful retreat for tourists exploring Da Lat. Ordering a cup of coffee and admiring the sunset through the vibrant glass windows adds a touch of mystique to the experience.


Capture 32


Lang Biang Mountain Expedition: Discovering the Verdant Wilderness

Nestled approximately 12 km from the heart of Da Lat in Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province, Lang Biang Mountain stands as the primary choice for every traveler exploring the region. The journey to reach this picturesque destination offers flexibility, with options to drive a car or ride a motorcycle. A short 12 km northward drive from the city center will lead you to Lang Biang Mountain. Upon arrival, adventurers can embark on a captivating 7–8 km hike, an approximately 1 hour and 30-minute trek through the undulating terrain. Alternatively, visitors can opt for a jeep ride, a 15-minute journey to the mountain’s summit costing only VND 100,000 – 120,000 for a round trip, promising an unforgettable experience.

Capture 33

Sitting at an elevation of 2,167m above sea level, Lang Biang Mountain presents itself as two peaks, affectionately named “Mr. Mountain” and “Mrs. Mountain” by locals, inspired by a legendary love story between Mr. Lang and Mrs. Biang, adding an intriguing layer of fascination for visitors.

As you ascend, the landscape unfolds into a vast panorama, with drifting clouds and mist embracing the hills, fostering an intimate connection between tourists and the natural beauty of Lang Biang. Capturing these breathtaking moments becomes a soul-immersing experience.

Capture 34

Cu Lan Village: A Tale of Wilderness

Situated approximately 20 km from Da Lat city, Cu Lan Village rests within a charming valley, captivating the hearts of tourists seeking an enchanting destination. Beyond its unique name, Cu Lan Village unfolds as a fairy-tale forest adorned with the deep green hues of nature.

Visitors often ponder the origin of the village’s name, derived from a tree named “Cu Lan” and the shy Cu Lan animal, a species listed in Vietnam’s Red Book requiring conservation. Wooden houses discreetly nestle within the expansive pine forest along the lake, seemingly embracing the surroundings.

Capture 35

As you explore the flower-laden pathways, a surprise awaits: a suspension bridge spanning a small stream leading to the village. Cu Lan Village offers various outdoor activities such as kite flying, mountain climbing, fishing, and adventurous jeep racing games with ticket prices of VND 140,000 for adults. The serene yet exhilarating atmosphere entices visitors to capture and cherish these unforgettable moments.

Spending an entire evening in Cu Lan Village—camping, relishing grilled delicacies, sharing heartfelt moments with friends or family amidst the expansive mountainous terrain, inhaling the crisp Da Lat air—provides a refreshing escape, temporarily banishing all worries.


Dalat Strawberry Gardens: A Red Wonderland

When in Da Lat, every tourist desires to witness the ripe strawberry gardens, a renowned specialty of this city. As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice ripe, red strawberries everywhere, as they are an integral part of Da Lat’s charm.

Strawberry Gardens – Da Lat tourist destination

Capture 36

Entering the strawberry gardens, visitors are overwhelmed by the vast space, delighting in the sight of ripe strawberries hiding among the green leaves. Strawberries here are cultivated either on trellises or in rows, and visitors can choose to pick strawberries as they please.

To pick the best strawberries, visitors should select those hidden among the leaves, plump and ripe, with a deep red color. By doing so, you’re guaranteed to enjoy delicious strawberries and have some to take home as gifts for your family or friends.


XQ Historical Village

XQ Historical Village in Da Lat, also known as XQ Embroidery, is located at 258 Mai Anh Dao, Ward 9, Da Lat. It is one of the tourist attractions in the city that draws visitors to explore the unique beauty that only XQ Historical Village possesses.

Capture 37

Dazzled by the space dedicated to the art of embroidery and admiring the finely embroidered artworks crafted by the hands of artisans, visitors are immersed in legendary stories and narratives rich in ancient cultural imprints.

XQ Historical Village in Da Lat has various areas such as the traditional area, the evolution area, and the local art area. Each area makes visitors feel like they are entering a paradise of different cultural and embroidery beauty, with stories related to embroidery, artistic landscape embroidery, and even displays of outstanding artworks.


Touring XQ Historical Village, enjoying weekend art performances, or taking a culinary tour to savor local dishes cleverly prepared by artisans brings visitors wonderful moments when lost in this place.

Capture 38


Love Valley

Da Lat is not just a dreamy city; it is also a destination for many couples in love. Love Valley is one of the scenic spots that attract tourists to Da Lat.

Located about 5 km north from the city center, the hills embrace Love Valley, surrounded by lush green pine forests. With an area of 140 hectares, this place offers various entertainment spots and attractions such as flower gardens decorated with flowers throughout the valley, the love maze, the love lock bridge, or the wooden train that takes visitors on a scenic tour of the valley.

Love Valley is a suitable destination for tourists to check in, capture beautiful photos, or for loving couples to come here to enjoy the scenery, take photos, and write wishes hanging on the trees in the valley.

Capture 39


Đồi Chè Cầu Đất: The Verdant Tea Hills

The lush green tea hills stretching endlessly, Đồi Chè Cầu Đất is becoming a favorite destination for tourists visiting Da Lat.

Capture 40


Situated 25km from the city center, tourists can take the Xuân Trường bus or a taxi to get here. However, for adventurous young people who love exploring, renting a motorbike from Da Lat city and following Tran Hung Dao Street, then turning right onto National Highway 20 towards Trại Mát, Đồi Chè is located southeast of the city. Therefore, visitors should pay attention to the signs to reach Đồi Chè Cầu Đất.

The first attraction for tourists is the image of female workers picking tea leaves, harvesting small and beautiful tea leaves nestled in the palms of their hands. Standing amidst the vast tea hills, gazing at the pure white color of tea flowers, one can enjoy the fresh and cool air, as if nature is trying to captivate visitors to this place.

Capture 41


Don’t hesitate to come here and enjoy these moments!

Datanla Waterfall

Datanla is one of the prominent waterfalls in Da Lat. Visitors to this place are not only impressed by the picturesque beauty of Datanla waterfall but also get to experience thrilling activities.

Nestled on Pren Pass, hidden in the mist of Da Lat, just about 10km south of the city center. Following National Highway 20 according to the signs will lead tourists here. To admire the magnificent scenery, visitors have to climb a quite steep staircase with many steps. Although it takes time, it provides unforgettable moments that are hard to find elsewhere.

Capture 42

The cascading waterfalls sometimes gently, sometimes fiercely flow through the rugged rocks, creating white foam as if expressing some suppressed emotions. Visitors can also experience fun activities such as sliding down the waterfall with a ticket price of 40,000 VND/person, or enjoying the cable car to admire the picturesque scenery for only 50,000 VND/way. More adventurous activities include swinging on a rope over the waterfall, sounding scary but providing visitors with a closer connection to nature.

Pongour Waterfall

Pongour Waterfall is a suitable destination for those who want to camp and relax. Dubbed the “First Southern Waterfall,” visitors coming here will be overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this place.

Capture 43

Located 50km from the city center, in Tan Hoi Commune, Duc Trong District. Visitors can travel by car or motorbike from Da Lat city, heading south on National Highway 2 according to the signs to reach Pongour Waterfall. From a distance, visitors will see the waterfall about 50m high, with multiple layers pouring down, creating a white, foamy spectacle. The large lake with rocky outcrops surrounding the waterfall creates a majestic and poetic natural landscape.

With an entrance fee of 10,000 VND/ticket, the fresh space here is suitable for visitors to rest and camp. Placing your hands in the cool water, feeling the refreshing touch of the flowing stream, visitors should spend a whole day here.

The irresistible charm of Pongour waterfall has erased all barriers, attracting both domestic and international tourists, as well as young people who come here to admire the beauty of this magnificent waterfall and capture the dreamy, fresh moments in their journey to Pongour waterfall.

Capture 44


The Ancient Train Station of Da Lat

Upon arriving at this location, visitors will be amazed by the architecture of Da Lat Train Station, which combines the harmonious beauty of the Tay Nguyen longhouse architecture with the classical architecture of France. This blend has created a unique and novel experience for visitors from the very first moments of their arrival.

Capture 45

From a distance, visitors can see three sharp triangular peaks symbolizing the majestic Lang Biang Mountains. What impresses visitors is not only the architectural blend but also the unique cogwheel-shaped railway track of the station, making it the only one of its kind in the world.

Da Lat Train Station currently serves tourists exploring the mountainous area. Although the train runs at a slow speed and the whistle is loud, it provides an opportunity for visitors to slowly appreciate the picturesque beauty of Da Lat.


Capture 46

It is precisely because of this unique and strange beauty that domestic and international tourists choose Da Lat Train Station as a check-in point and want to explore the oldest and most charming railway station in Vietnam.

Some hotels in the train station area to consider:


Tuyet Tinh Coc Da Lat

Tuyet Tinh Coc In the midst of a city of thousands of flowers, Tuyet Tinh Coc is like a priceless gift from Da Lat. To reach this place, you have to overcome a 50km long road, quite far from the city of Da Lat. Travelers should choose a suitable means of transportation such as a car or motorcycle to get to Tuyet Tinh Coc. However, the road ahead is challenging, with many steep cliffs, so tourists should pay attention to safety and travel in groups.


Capture 47


Located in Suoi Can village, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province. Surprisingly, the beauty revealed in front of visitors is a lake with emerald green water, very clear and eye-catching. Every visitor wonders where the water source is. In fact, it used to be an abandoned stone mine, and rain and underground water channels created such a lake.

The scenery leading to Tuyet Tinh Coc is wild and beautiful, making visitors feel like they are in a mystical fairyland. Standing in the middle of the pristine mountain forest, embracing the colorful rock walls, the lake is like a mirror reflecting the vast, expansive sky. Breathing in the fresh air here, visitors feel like releasing their souls into the fresh nature, dispelling all the worries and tiredness of life.


Da Lat Farm Milk

Da Lat Farm Milk is also a destination that tourists seek. This is a romantic place that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Capture 48


Located in Tu Tra commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province. Visitors can travel by motorbike or car along National Highway 20, about 20km towards Duc Trong district, then turn left at Bong Lai intersection to reach Da Lat Farm Milk.

The first steps here, visitors will continuously explore the beauty of this place. Being overwhelmed by the vast flower fields, covered with pure white triangular buckwheat flowers and a hint of gentle pink, or the vast sky displaying the yellow color of sunflowers. It seems like visitors are lost in a beautiful fairytale flower garden.

Capture 49

Far away are peaceful villages next to the clear blue lake. Relaxed cows graze, making visitors feel light and comfortable. Da Lat Farm Milk is also a place that many young people choose as a fantastic virtual living spot for their photos, creating a feeling of being in a farm in Europe.

Tuyen Lam Lake Many tourists

when they come to Tuyen Lam Lake, will wonder when and why this lake has this name. Visitors will be surprised by the picturesque scenery just over 6km south of Da Lat city.

Because it is quite close to the city center, getting here is not difficult for tourists. All means of transportation such as cars, motorcycles, or even taxis can easily reach here. With an area of ​​350ha, the space in front of visitors appears to be truly vast. With a fresh climate, you feel close to nature here, bringing a comfortable and peaceful feeling when you set foot here.

Capture 50

The stream stretches as if it is all the vast mountains embracing each other day and night, perhaps that’s why the lake is named Tuyen Lam. Tourists stroll around to explore Tuyen Lam Lake, immerse themselves, and enjoy the scenery here, as well as spend an entire evening camping and grilling meat with friends and family. It will surely be an unforgettable memory for your trip.

It’s even better when this is also an interesting check-in point for you to have beautiful photos. Don’t hesitate to forget to live virtually in nature here!


Dalat Pine Forest Surely

the thing that tourists love most when coming to Da Lat is to get lost in the pine forests of Da Lat. No matter how winding the road is, it won’t make you tired or afraid when you set foot here.

Capture 51

Visitors see endless pine forests wherever they go, Da Lat seems to be wearing a deep fresh green coat. It will be wonderful when you easily come across straight, tall pine trees, slender figures on both sides of the Da Lat road, making visitors, whether coming or going, always remember this impressive beauty of Da Lat.

Getting lost in the green pine forest is like entering a mythical and mysterious world that stretches endlessly without a stop. The fresh and charming nature here captivates visitors, making them never want to leave.

Picking up fallen pine cones, watching the sunset in the evening sun through the pine forest, there is hardly a second place for you to have this moment.

The beauty of nature in the pine forest is like a wonderful gift appearing in the MV of the song by Ha Anh Tuan – “Thang Tu La Loi Noi Doi Cua Em” (April is My Lie). This is also where many beautiful virtual living paintings of young people are born when

Capture 52


Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda

If you’re in Dalat, don’t miss out on Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda, a tranquil destination possessing a captivating beauty that captivates visitors as soon as they set foot here.

The road to the pagoda can be a bit challenging to navigate due to its narrow size. Coming from Bao Loc city, take Trần Phú Street to the Dai Binh intersection, then turn right and continue straight through Niệt Bàn Pagoda. Follow the signs, and you will reach Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda. Therefore, visitors are advised to choose a scooter or, upon arrival, walk to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Capture 53

Located on hill 45, Lộc Thành commune, Bảo Lâm district, Lâm Đồng province, nestled amidst the lush green mountains, the pagoda offers a tranquil and gentle atmosphere. Often referred to as the “Gateway to Heaven,” the gate appears through the mist amidst the majestic mountainous landscape, making visitors feel like they’ve stepped into a mythical fairyland.

The most splendid moments occur during the early morning sunrise at Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda when the mist blankets the hills, blending with the natural beauty of the forested mountains to create a dreamlike scene. Witnessing the sunset, with the sun’s rays piercing through the sky, and listening to the temple bell, visitors experience a sense of peace and tranquility, dissipating any worries.

Capture 54


This pagoda is also featured in the beautiful scenes of Son Tung M-TP’s MV “Lost,” leaving many visitors curious about the mysterious beauty and its location on the map of the S-shaped Vietnam.


Chicken Church

The Chicken Church is a remarkable ancient architectural structure from the French colonial era. Its unique beauty quickly attracted visitors when they arrived.

The name “Chicken Church” comes from the fact that there is a chicken-shaped figure on the top of the bell tower. This symbolizes repentance with decisive lines and small details. The church is designed in the style of European churches.

Capture 55

Located on Tran Phu Street, from a distance, visitors can see the front of the church facing towards Lang Biang mountain. With a unique combination of modern and classical elements against the backdrop of the vast and expansive sky, Chicken Church leaves a lasting impression on visitors, making them feel as if they have stepped into a cathedral in Europe.

Dalat is picturesque and serene. There is no reason for visitors not to explore these 16 Dalat travel destinations, immerse themselves in this dreamlike place, and enjoy moments that are hard to find anywhere else

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Tourist Attractions in Da Lat

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