Review Interesting Things About DaLat Market In 2024

Review interesting things about DaLat Market in 2024

The Dalat Market stands out as an essential destination for tourists exploring Dalat. A trip to Dalat is incomplete without immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Dalat Market. Dalat, often referred to as the enchanting city, is renowned for its scenic landscapes, crisp morning mists, and the lively spectacle of myriad flowers competing in full bloom.

While the majestic hills veiled in clouds typically steal the spotlight, the bustling ambiance of a bustling marketplace becomes a delightful surprise for those who venture here. Once visitors arrive, the irresistible allure of the Dalat Market beckons them to explore.

Da Lat Market
Da Lat Market


Nestled in a valley, the Dalat Market exudes its distinctive charm, offering an extensive array of goods, specialties, food, and clothing. This marketplace is a comprehensive source for all conceivable needs. Furthermore, it has become a favored destination for travelers seeking unique backdrops for their check-in photos. Let’s delve into Villadalat’s article to unravel the captivating essence of the Dalat Market!

The Dalat Market is a multifaceted commercial hub showcasing an extensive variety of products. It stands as a prominent attraction for tourists in Dalat, functioning as the primary trading center in the City of a Thousand Flowers. Locals actively participate in buying and selling within this bustling marketplace.

The advent of Industry 4.0 has elevated living standards and income, fostering the growth of diverse industries, agriculture, and services. The Central Highlands region, encompassing Dalat, has not been an exception. In recent years, the market has undergone substantial expansion, drawing vendors from both the northern and southern regions.

This market serves as a major trading nexus where local residents engage in large-scale commerce amidst the misty landscape.

Review Interesting Things About Da Lat Market
Review Interesting Things About Da Lat Market

Introduction to Dalat Market – Am Phu Market

In 1923, following the completion of the urban planning project for Dalat town by Hébrard, a market was established at the current Anh Sang Ward location. By 1929, the population of Dalat had surged to 2000 people, prompting Chassing, the town official, to grant permission for relocating the market to its present site in Hoa Binh, a now well-known area in Dalat.

During that era, the market, initially named the “Cay Market,” featured wooden board coverings and corrugated iron roofing. Over time, Dalat Market evolved into its current form.

As it took shape, Dalat Market emerged as one of the ancient architectural landmarks in Dalat, ranking among the largest multi-story markets in Vietnam during that period.

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History of Dalat Market’s Formation

The late 1950s witnessed the commencement of construction on a plot abundant with lettuce crops. The project, led by renowned architect Nguyen Duy Duc and other talented architects, saw Nguyen Linh Chieu as the contractor.

Dalat Market’s Historical Journey

In subsequent years, architect Ngo Viet Thu returned from France and was invited to contribute to Dalat Market’s renovation. He adjusted the main vertical facade, added a concrete bridge for increased stability, and oversaw the design of the park in front of the market and the surrounding row of houses.

On March 3, 1993, Dalat authorities permitted the construction of the next block at Dalat Market (Block B). Architects Le Van Rot and Tran Hung led the construction, with the city committee and Viet Hoa Bank in Saigon acting as investors.

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Am Phu Market

Am Phu Market, an alternative name for Dalat Market, is situated in the liveliest area of the city. Operating as a regular market during the day, it transforms into Am Phu Market in the early evening. Dalat Market is perpetually bustling, attracting numerous tourists and serving as a source of pride for the city. But why is it called “Am Phu Market”? Continue reading to discover the reason!

In reality, tourists themselves coined the name “Am Phu Market.” This is due to its location in the busiest area of the city, becoming extremely crowded during peak times such as festivals, Tet, or weekends.

Location of Dalat Market

This area, surrounded by many hotels, allows most tourists to easily find it without guidance. Moreover, its proximity to the drop-off point of Thanh Buoi Bus Station makes it convenient for many tourists to visit the market right after disembarking. It is located near Xuan Huong Lake, right at the roundabout leading to the market.

Despite being the busiest area in the city, it is spacious with many access points. The official addresses of the market are:

  • 10 Phan Boi Chau Street, Ward 1, Dalat.
  • Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 1, Dalat. Both streets are in Ward 1, Dalat City.

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Google Maps Directions to Dalat Market

Refer to the Google Maps image below for directions to Dalat Market. Tourists can use this image for a detailed guide.

Directions to Dalat Market – Am Phu Market

While many tourists can easily find their way to Dalat Market without guidance, some may need assistance. To ensure tourists have the best route, we provide routes for easy access to the market.

For travelers originating from Thanh Buoi Bus Station:

  • From Thanh Buoi Bus Station, follow Tô Hiến Thành Street and then turn left onto Ba Thang Tu Street. You will reach Kim Cuc Roundabout. Continue along Ho Tung Mau Street until Dien Hong Square Roundabout. Move on Trần Quốc Toản Street and turn right across the lake. Once you see a large roundabout, go straight on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street to reach Dalat Market.

For travelers without a starting point from the bus station, you can use Google Maps for directions. Google Maps will provide the nearest route to help tourists move conveniently. Just enter your current location and your desired destination, and everything will be easier.

Exploring Dalat Market during the Day

Like many other markets, Dalat Market has two main areas: indoor and outdoor. With a long history, the market offers a rich and diverse range of products.

The outdoor area consists of stalls and small street vendors focusing on products like vegetables, flowers, and snacks such as sweet soups. The indoor trading area includes stalls specializing in specialties like cakes and preserves.

At the New Market, a newly built section of Dalat Market, the basement serves as a parking lot, the ground floor focuses on various food items like meat and fish, and the upper floors offer specialty preserves and clothing. The remaining floors above house a shopping center and hotel.

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Various Fresh Vegetables at Dalat Market

The vegetable market in Dalat is located on the ground floor facing Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street. For travelers coming from Phan Boi Chau Street, they need to go down the stairs at the end. This area concentrates on a wide variety of vegetables and flowers. Here, many vendors sell high-quality flowers and vegetables such as broccoli, onions, artichokes, potatoes, carrots, etc.

Regarding vegetables in Dalat, tourists are probably familiar with the city’s reputation for clean and safe produce. Therefore, tourists just need to be a bit discerning to choose fresh, clean, and safe food.

All the produce brought to the market is consumed on the same day, with no preservatives added. Hence, tourists can feel confident about the food quality here. For those staying in places that allow cooking, Dalat Market is a great place to explore, buy fresh ingredients, and cook on the same day.

In addition, tourists interested in buying local produce as gifts will find Dalat Market ideal. It not only offers quality but also fits the budget. All the produce at the market has fixed prices, so tourists don’t need to worry about being overcharged. However, for a more satisfying experience, tourists can still negotiate with sellers for a cheerful and enjoyable shopping experience.

Fruit Orchards at Dalat Market

Dalat, being favored by nature, has a wide variety of fresh fruits. Therefore, Dalat Market has numerous fruit orchards selling various local specialties. Notable examples include crispy persimmons, avocados, bananas, strawberries, mulberries, etc. Tourists are free to explore and choose.

Many fruits are grown in greenhouses, such as strawberries, while crispy persimmons are cultivated in large orchards. These fruits are not only clean but also beautiful when they ripen. Dalat’s fruits are exported to many regions in the country and even abroad.

Moreover, tourists often prefer buying strawberries as souvenirs. A small suggestion for tourists is to choose New Zealand or Japanese strawberry varieties.

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Dalat Market’s Culinary Delights and Unique Shopping Experiences

The diverse array of jams at Dalat Market stands out as a key factor in elevating Dalat’s reputation. These jams are celebrated as distinctive local specialties and can be found abundantly on the third floor of the newly constructed Dalat Market.

Even within the indoor section of the older market area, numerous stalls showcase a rich variety of jams, enticing visitors with their vibrant colors, appealing shapes, and delightful flavors such as rose jam, sweet potato jam, strawberry jam, and more.

Capitalizing on local resources, Dalat consistently produces strawberry, mulberry, and rose jams throughout the year, expanding its product range for both domestic and international markets.

Notably, Dalat’s rose jam, despite its poetic name, is crafted from hibiscus flowers, also known as red roselle. This unique jam offers a delightful combination of sweet and sour notes, a crisp texture, and an aesthetically pleasing color palette.

In addition to the tantalizing jams, Dalat is renowned for its distinctive wines, making a combined jar of jam and a bottle of wine an ideal gift for friends and family.

Indulgent Gastronomy at Dalat Market

Beyond the question of “What is available for purchase?” a visit to Dalat Market prompts the delightful query of “What culinary delights await?” It would be a missed opportunity not to explore the local cuisine in this renowned market.

The third floor of the market is home to a traditional food court, where stalls present a mouthwatering variety of dishes. From snakehead fish noodle soup, beef noodle soup, and Vietnamese tiny pancakes to freshly squeezed fruit juices and savory rice pancakes, the culinary offerings are diverse and delightful.

Clear pricing at each stall ensures that tourists can savor their meals without concerns about overpricing. Nevertheless, for added peace of mind, it is advisable to inquire about prices before placing an order.

This small effort contributes to a more enjoyable dining experience. Beyond the food court, small carts situated outside specialize in light snacks such as chicken porridge, grilled rice paper, pig organ congee, soy milk, and sweet soup.

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Woolen Treasures of Dalat

Given Dalat’s chilly climate, woolen items hold a special place among visitors. Locally hand-embroidered by residents, these woolen goods showcase traditional craftsmanship that has endured over time, maintaining both beauty and quality. The woolen stalls offer a kaleidoscope of scarves, gloves, and woolen sweaters in various colors and styles.

Among them, woolen scarves, gloves, and sweaters stand out as popular and trend-setting items. With diverse designs and adherence to the latest fashion trends, each stall’s pricing varies, making it crucial for shoppers to carefully consider their choices and negotiate for a satisfactory price.

Second-Hand Treasures at Dalat Market

The second-hand market in Dalat attracts many budget-conscious young individuals, particularly students. Despite initial reservations about “second-hand” items, the goods here generally boast good quality.

Authentic shoes and handbags are available at reasonable prices, offering both genuineness and durability. Prospective buyers, however, should meticulously inspect items for quality and pricing considerations.

In addition to shoes and handbags, jackets and hoodies at the second-hand market present an attractive and affordable selection. Although popular items may quickly disappear due to high demand among high school and college students, the effort to find a desired item is often rewarded.

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Instagram-Worthy Spots at Dalat Market

Explore the following Instagram-worthy spots at Dalat Market, capturing the attention of tourists and young enthusiasts:

  1. Hong Kong Vibes by the New Dalat Market: This spot provides a panoramic view of the newly constructed Dalat Market, featuring a sleek brown and black structure reminiscent of the urban landscape of Hong Kong. A must-visit for those in Dalat seeking a stylish backdrop.
  2. Staircase Leading to Am Phu Market: A visually striking yet simple photo spot, each step of the staircase is adorned with various food stalls offering diverse and colorful treats. The setting is both picturesque and diverse, making it an aesthetically pleasing photo opportunity. To capture the perfect shot, visiting during less crowded times is advisable.
  3. Dalat Night Market: Operating from early evening until late at night, the night market offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere, attracting both tourists and locals. The nighttime ambiance surpasses the liveliness of the daytime market.
  4. Evening Stroll at the Market: Taking a leisurely evening stroll at the market is a favorite activity for both tourists and locals. Beyond relaxation, it contributes to good health. Couples can enjoy quality time together, engaging in conversations about life, people, and personal stories—an ideal way to bond.
  5. Culinary Paradise: The night market presents a culinary paradise with a diverse array of delicious and affordable street food, including baked sweet potatoes, grilled corn, and rice paper rolls. While freely choosing and indulging in favorite snacks is encouraged, it’s advisable to inquire about prices beforehand.

Tips for a Fulfilling Visit to Dalat Market

As Dalat experiences growth and attracts people from various regions, it’s crucial for tourists to stay vigilant against potential risks. Here are some tips for a fulfilling visit to Dalat:

  1. Price Awareness: Despite Dalat’s welcoming atmosphere, it’s advisable for visitors to inquire about prices when shopping or dining to ensure an uninterrupted and enjoyable experience. Familiarizing oneself with the pricing of each item before making decisions is a small yet valuable effort.
  2. Safety Precautions: With the influx of people, some individuals may take advantage of crowded spaces for malicious activities. Tourists should exercise caution with their valuables and personal belongings, avoiding vulnerabilities such as leaving money unsecured in pockets or openly carrying bags.
  3. Avoiding Touts: In the night market, many photographers and individuals dressed in attractive costumes may offer to take photos for a fee. Travelers should be cautious to avoid unwanted solicitation and additional expenses.

Shopping for Souvenirs and Local Delicacies:

Quality Check: Many visitors purchase local specialties as gifts, but it’s important to carefully inspect the quality. Unscrupulous traders may blend subpar or old stock to deceive unsuspecting buyers. Therefore, exercising caution and checking both quality and expiration dates is advisable.

Trusted Establishments: For added peace of mind, tourists can visit reputable stores like L’angfarm, which has branches in various locations, including the market. These establishments provide quality assurance for the products they sell.

Unfortunate Incidents: In case of unfortunate incidents, such as scams or thefts, tourists should promptly report to the local police station in Ward 1. The police station is situated near the Hòa Bình area, part of the pedestrian zone. Seeking assistance from local vendors can also help locate the police station.

While it’s an unfortunate reality that such incidents may occur anywhere, vigilance, awareness, and preventive measures contribute to a safer and more enjoyable experience. Whether exploring Dalat’s markets or any destination, travelers are urged to exercise caution and prioritize their well-being.

Overall, Dalat Market not only offers a diverse range of products and culinary delights but also presents opportunities for memorable experiences. Whether savoring local delicacies, exploring traditional craftsmanship, or capturing Instagram-worthy moments, Dalat Market stands as a vibrant hub that reflects the unique charm of this Vietnamese city.




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