Top 10 beautiful virtual living spaces in Da Lat causing fever among the Gen Z community

Top 10 beautiful virtual living spaces in Da Lat causing fever among the Gen Z community

Pine havens like Prenn Pass, Bao Dai Pine Forest, and Tuyen Lam Lake Pine Forest stand as virtual living spaces in Da Lat. The mere mention of pine forests instantly transports one’s thoughts to Da Lat.

Beyond the pine-covered landscapes, young enthusiasts also gravitate towards Da Phu Hill, Thien Phuc Duc Hill, and Pink Grass Hill to marvel at the sprawling pine vistas from elevated vantage points, engage in cloud chasing, capture wedding moments, or embark on camping adventures.

virtual living spaces in Da Lat
virtual living spaces in Da Lat

Apart from the iconic presence of the artichoke flower in Da Lat’s city center, pine forests and hills have become the quintessential “virtual living” spaces for all visitors. While pine forests may lack distinct features, the crisp and invigorating air fosters a unique ambiance that can only be fully appreciated in person.


Lavender Tui Thuong Nho – virtual living spaces in Da Lat

situated at the crossroads of Ta Nung – Suoi Vang – Van Thanh, Ward 5, Da Lat, has become a familiar destination for young travelers in Da Lat, thanks to the enchanting photographs captured by photographer Bap (Dong Ngo).

Encompassing over 1 hectare, the Lavender – Tui Thuong Nho Da Lat garden boasts nearly 20 different lavender species strategically planted across various sections, crafting a vibrant purple spectacle that entices with both color and fragrance, drawing countless young visitors for exploration and photography.

Capture 110

To bask in the breathtaking scenery of lavender flowers at their peak, plan your visit to Da Lat in June or July!

Capture 109


Hong Kong Alley – A Coveted Virtual Oasis in Da Lat

Nestled in proximity to the bustling Da Lat market, Hong Kong Corner emerges as a pivotal haven, capturing the imagination of the city’s vibrant youth.

Though it may not exude the romantic allure of pine-strewn hills or the poetic ambiance characteristic of Da Lat’s flower fields, Hong Kong Corner asserts itself as a sophisticated virtual sanctuary, catering to the tastes of those enchanted by the distinctive style of late 80s and early 90s Hong Kong.

Capture 111

Cau Dat Tea Hill

Address: Truong Tho Hamlet, Tram Hanh Commune, Da Lat City

Cau Dat Tea Hill beckons to young visitors in Da Lat, offering a diverse range of experiences that cater to various preferences. Enthusiasts can indulge in the mesmerizing pursuit of cloud-chasing, capturing the ethereal beauty of clouds that adorn the sky above the tea-covered slopes.

Additionally, the hill provides a captivating vantage point for those captivated by colossal wind turbine blades, a unique and imposing sight that adds an extra layer of fascination to the scenic landscape.

Cau Dat Tea Hill
Cau Dat Tea Hill

Moreover, for nature aficionados, Cau Dat Tea Hill unfolds as a verdant haven, with its hills blanketed in lush greenery courtesy of the carefully cultivated tea plantations. The immersive experience amidst the tea-covered hills offers a tranquil escape, allowing visitors to connect with the natural beauty that defines Da Lat’s landscape.

The sensory richness of the tea-covered hills, complemented by the visual spectacle of the surrounding scenery, makes Cau Dat Tea Hill an enduring and sought-after destination for the discerning tastes of young travelers in Da Lat.

As a cherished location that encapsulates a blend of natural beauty and unique attractions, Cau Dat Tea Hill stands out as a multifaceted destination, inviting exploration and discovery for those seeking a memorable and diverse encounter with the picturesque landscapes of Da Lat.


Tom’s Rose Garden

Address: QL20, Xuan Truong, Da Lat City

During the peak rose season, visitors eagerly adorn themselves to check in amidst fresh red roses and a nostalgic café, capturing picturesque moments. In recent years, Tom’s Rose Garden has emerged as a favorite check-in spot in Da Lat, not only for its hundreds of ancient rose trees but also for its beautifully curated and visually striking miniature landscapes, ensuring a distinctive backdrop for the photography pursuits of the younger crowd.

The rose season in Da Lat spans from mid-September to the chilly winter months at the end of November and early December. A visit to Da Lat during these months promises encounters with the most splendid rose garden scenes.

Capture 112

Me Linh Coffee Garden

Address: Group 20, Hamlet 4, Ta Nung, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

A virtual haven that appeals to every girl visiting Da Lat, Me Linh Coffee Garden unfolds a vast expanse adorned with scenes such as swings, flower gardens, bird nests, rainbow bridges, gates to heaven, and angel wings. In just one visit, thousands of photos, each with unique angles, create an illusion of being lost in a miniature Bali in the heart of Da Lat.


TaNung Flower Valley

Address: Group 13, Hamlet 1, Ta Nung Commune, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

In resonance with Me Linh Coffee Garden, Ta Nung Flower Valley encapsulates the distinct Da Lat charm with vibrant fields of red, purple, yellow, and pink flowers. The valley is adorned with bird nests, bicycles, grinding wheels, wooden houses, and boats. While similar to Me Linh Coffee Garden, this flower valley leans towards more colorful and vibrant hues, featuring diverse flower varieties that promise to enthuse young visitors keen on photography.


Overflowing Seven-Tier Dam at Tuyen Lam Lake – Da Lat’s Emerging Virtual Sanctuary

Tuyen Lam Lake has long been a familiar check-in spot for most tourists in Da Lat, but the Seven-Tier Dam remains a hidden gem for many. This dam, located near Tuyen Lam Lake, serves to regulate and control the water levels in the lake.

During the rainy season, the overflowing dam unleashes powerful cascades resembling roaring waterfalls, with foaming white spray. Adjacent to the dam is a romantic café named Nha Ben Suoi, which has gained popularity among young visitors.


Cam Tu Cau Flower Valley

Address: Follow the direction of Trai Mat

An unmissable check-in spot when visiting Da Lat, Cam Tu Cau Flower Valley stands as the beautiful symbol of the land of thousands of flowers. Located in the Trai Mat area of Xuan Tho commune, approximately 15 km from the city center of Da Lat, this flower valley covers a planting area of up to 2 hectares.

The characteristic Cam Tu Cau flower, with its gentle and charming heavenly blue, is planted as a vast field in the Cam Tu Cau Flower Valley, creating the image of a green fairy of the Lam Dong plateau.

Cam Tu Cau flowers bloom from May to the end of the year, with the most exquisite displays occurring in the summer months.

Capture 113

Thich Thu Farm

Address: Group 1, Truong Tho, Tram Hanh, Da Lat

For animal-loving young people, Thich Thu Farm emerges as a favored check-in spot. A sprawling farm housing adorable animals like sheep, dwarf horses, foxes, goats, rabbits… Due to its elevated location, Thich Thu Farm is also dubbed the Farm in the Clouds – a place where young people frequently gather to cloud-watch and unwind every weekend.

In addition to these highly popular virtual living spots, consider exploring other locales such as Cloud Hill Da Lat, Green Prairie Coffee Tourist Area, Wonder Resort, the train track,… to curate a “super cool” photo collection when visiting the city of thousands of flowers.

Capture 113

In conclusion, the virtual living spaces in Da Lat have undeniably become a sensation, igniting a fervor within the Gen Z community. These top 10 enchanting destinations offer more than just visually appealing backgrounds for social media; they encapsulate the essence of Da Lat’s charm, blending modern aesthetics with the city’s unique character.

As each location on this list unveils its distinct atmosphere, from the romantic allure of An Cafe to the rustic sophistication of Tiệm Cafe Túi Mơ To, it becomes clear that these spaces are not just fleeting trends but enduring symbols of Da Lat’s evolving identity. The blend of innovative design, picturesque views, and cozy ambiances has turned these virtual living spaces into immersive experiences that transcend the digital realm.

For the Gen Z community, these spots aren’t just places to capture Instagrammable moments but serve as creative sanctuaries, where every corner tells a story and inspires new narratives. Whether it’s the dreamy landscapes of Quán Cà Phê Hồ Trên Mây or the modern-vintage fusion at Tiệm Cà Phê Cô Bông, each locale on this list contributes to the vibrant tapestry of Da Lat’s virtual allure.

In the age of social media, these top 10 beautiful virtual living spaces have seamlessly integrated into the digital lifestyle of Gen Z, providing not just spaces for self-expression but also fostering a sense of community and shared experiences.

As the fever for these spaces continues to rise, Da Lat stands not only as a city of eternal spring but as a canvas for the creative expressions of the generation that has made these virtual havens an integral part of their identity.

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